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Here at Timeless Elegance all alterations for our bridal gowns and formal gowns are managed and completed by our own dedicated in-house alterations team.  With a certain degree of difficulty in specialty fabrics and laces, we have the experience and knowledge to alter elaborate garments.  We have the understanding and knowledge of how the garments are put together, giving us insight into the best way to get the best results for our customers.

We will also alter bridal gowns, and garments not purchased through us, as we firmly believe in our service and want everyone to have the best fit with any garment.

Quotes on alterations will not be given over the telephone or email, as we do need to see the garment before we can advise on the amount of work required and the cost.  We guarantee quality workmanship and finish with everything that comes from our in-house work room.

For any alteration appointments please bring along the correct undergarment you plan on wearing at the event as well as the shoes you will be wearing, so we can get an accurate fit for the day.


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