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How long does it take to order a bridal gown?

Our bridal gowns can take anywhere between 4 - 6 months to order-in depending on which designer it comes from.

What sizes do your gowns go up to?

Our bridal gowns can be orded from a size 4 (with a few designers starting at size 2) to a size 28.

Do I need to book an appointment to come and try on bridal gowns?

Appointments are required on Saturdays due to high damand and limited availabilities. During weekdays appointments aren't nesessary but are highly recommended so we know we have the right staff and change room available to help you. Please be aware that there will be a bridal stylist in the change room with you helping you into the gowns.

How do i book an appointment?

To book an appointment please click the 'book now' link below, alternatively you can Email us at or call us on 03 6334 8998 Book Now

When is the best time to order a bridal gown?

we suggest anywhere from 9 months to one year before the wedding is an ideal time to order your bridal gown. This time frame allows you to order your gown without any added stress about your delivery date, as well as time for any alterations that may need to happen to the gown in the lead up to your big day.

Once I have chosen my gown how do you know what size to order it in?

Once you have selected your gown we will take some basic body measurements (bust, waist and hips). We then compare your measurements to the closest standard size on the designers size chart. We then order the size best suited to your measurements.

What if my body shape is mixed sizing?

If you measure out at different sizes in your bust, waist, and hips then we will take in account the dress style and usually order the larger size according to your measurements however every situation is different. In some cases the designers will make in mixed sizes so for example we can order a size 10 bodice and a size 12 skirt, however this option is at an extra cost. No all designers offer this, so that is when we order for the largest measurement and then will alter to fit you correctly closer to your day.

I have ordered my dress, now what happens?

Congratulations on falling in love with a Timeless Elegance Gown! We will place the order with our designer and then the dress will get made. This process takes quite a while and is why we quote a 4-6 month delivery time frame. Once the gown is complete the designer lets us know that your gown is ready and sends it off to us. Once we receive the gown we complete a quality check and call you to let you know the good news. At this point we would request that you come in for an appointment to try YOUR gown on. You can use this as a great opportunity if you are wanting to have a look at any of our accessories and veils to try it on with your dress. After the initial appointment you can either take you dress home or we can store it in-store until we start the alterations process.

How long does a Bridal appointment go for?

We allow an hour for bridal appointments, during this time we will initially have a talk to you about your wedding and what style you are after. We will help you choose a selection of gowns for you to try on. We will make recommendations for you based on what we see as we go through the fitting process. Plese be aware that there will be a Bridal stylist in the change room with your helping you in to the gowns.

Do I need to prepare anything for my appointment?

No not at all! but feel free to bring any pictures of dresses you like to help the consultant get an idea of the style you are wanting. I would also suggest that if possible you wear nude coloured underwear as coloured or black underwear can be quite noticable under some of the gowns. Also keep in mind that a bridal stylist will be in the change room with you to help you into the gowns.

What payment options do you offer?

We offer a 6 month layby. We require a 40% deposit to order the gown and then monthy payments for the remainder of the layby, these payments can be made in-store, over the phone or via direct deposit. Of course we always welcome cash or credit card payments up front.

What price range are your bridal gowns?

Our Bridal gowns start off at $1250 and go up to $3599 for our orderable range. We also have a sale room with gowns up to 50% off and starting at $200

I have found my dream gown at Timeless Elegance but would like to think about it for a few days do i need to come back in to order the gown?

No you don't need to come back in unless you would like to. At your initial appointment we can do what is called a pending form for you, this form will take all of your details, the dress and your measurements which we can keep on file for when you are ready to place your order. This is especially handy for brides who don't live locally so you dont have to make a trip back to Launceston to place your order. If you have a pending with us but it had been a few months and your body shape has changed you may need to come back to update your measurments.

I have ordered by dress and now i've found out I'm pregnant! what do I do?

Well firstly Congratulations! Please contact the store on 03 6334 8998 and we can discuss your options. If you are pregnant at the time of your bridal fitting or are planning on being pregnant for your wedding please let your stylist know so we can find the best possible fit for your body (also disclose if the pregnancy is common knowledge yet so we dont accidently spill the beans!)

I have emailed through an enquiry/appointment from your website but I haven't received a reply?

Firstly check your junk mail as we use a 3rd party site for our bookings and enquiries they can sometimes end up in your junk mail. Also please allow up to 48 hours for a return email, As we answer all emails personally they can take a while for us to answer all of them, especially during our busy season. For any urgent enquiries or appointments please call us on 6334 8998

Bridesmaids & Formalwear

How long does it take to order in Bridesmaid gowns?

Our bridesmaids range from Tania Olsen takes anywhere from 14-16 weeks to order into the store, Our designer does however carry some stock on hand as well that we can get straight away in a limited colour and size range. Some designers do carry stock, so sometimes (not often) the re-orders can be here a lot more quickly.

What size range do your bridesmaid gowns go up to?

Our bridesmaid gowns are orderable from a size 6 - 30 (sometimes can go gown to a 4) Tania Olsen do now go up to a size 40.

What colours are your bridesmaid range available?

Our bridesmaids range is orderable in a large colour range please see in-store for details. Every designer range offers different colours and quantity of colours. In some cases we can offer almost 20 colours for one style.

Do I need to make an appointment to look at bridesmaid gowns?

If you are just wanting to come in to browze at our range then no appointment is needed, However if you are wanting to try Bridesmaids gowns on then we do suggest to make an appointment so we have a change room available and suitable staff to help you.

What price range are your bridesmaids gowns?

Our bridesmaids range starts off at $299 up to $450 depending on your style. In some cases size surcharges for sizes above size 20 may be required. In all cases size sucharges will apply for gowns over a size 30

Are your formal gowns re-orderable?

We have a selection of Formal gowns that are re-roderable and some that are only available in the sizes and colours in-store.

How long do your formal gowns take to order in?

Our formal wear re-ordering times vary depending on designer. Some designers can take up to 12 - 16 weeks to re-order however some designers will carry stock on hand which will be available straight away.

what size range does your formal wear range from?

Our formal wear varys in size range from our designers. Some designers are only available is size 6 - 18 and others are available in sizes 4 - 30.

What sort of Colour range does your formal wear come in?

Each gown will only come in a select few colours for our formal wear range. See in-store to find out what colours your favourite gown comes in.

What price range are your formal wear?

Our formal gowns start at $299 and can go up to about $595. We also have sale gowns available in-store which start at $100.

Do I need to make an appointment to come and try on Formal gowns?

If you are wanting to come in on a Saturday then yes appointments are essential. During the week appointments arent nessissary but we would still reccomend making one so we can make sure we have the change room and a staff member available to help you.


How long do I need before the wedding to do alterations?

We suggest to start alterations at least 6-8 weeks before the wedding.

How long do alterations take?

Alteration times vary depending on what we need to do. We like to start them 6-8 weeks before the event and usually will do multible dress fittings within this time with the dress being ready to collect, fully steamed a few days before the event. If at that time you let us know you are ie: losing weight or Pregnant we will work out a different schedule for you to avoid doing unnecessary alterations twice.

Do I have to pay for alterations?

Yes alterations are an extra service that we provide at Timeless Elegance.

How much do alterations cost?

The cost of alterations will vary depending on the gown as well as what we need to do. Make an appointment and bring your gown in to get a obligation free estimate. If after your alteration appointment you decide to make any additional changes to your gown there may be additional costs as they were not apart of your original estimate. They will be added as an extra cost to your final bill.

Do you do alterations on gowns that weren't purchased from Timeless Elegance?

Yes we do but we only do a limited amount so call now to see availabilities.

You took my measurements when I ordered my gown, why do i still need alterations?

All of our gowns are ordered to a standard dress side and peoples bodies are never a standard dress side so the gown may not fit your body perfectly. By doing alterations we can get the gown to fit your body exactly how it should. Gowns also come in at a standard length which is usually very long on most people and will need to be shortened according to your shoe height. Gowns can be made to exact measurements from some designers, but they then become couture gowns, and the price goes up quite a lot to what is classified as an off the rack gown (as in standard size 10, 12 14 etc).

Do I need to bring anything to my fitting?

Yes you will need to bring the correct undergarments, the ones that you will be wearing on the day, as well as the shoes you will wear so we can get the correct fit. These items are imortant to bring along for all of your fittings.

How long do alteration appointments go for?

We allow half an hour for our alteration appointment. most of the time the appointment will take less time with the exception of when we are doing hems, especially if it has a lace edging.

I purchased my gown fom Timeless Elegance but I dont live locally, do I have to get my alterations done with you?

No. If you don't live locally and you cant make the required amount of appointments needed for alterations then you can take your gown elsewhere to get altered.

How many fittings are needed for alterations?

The average amount of fittings that we need for alterations is about 3-4 appointments. this can be less or more depending on what we need to do to your gown.

Why do alterations cost so much?

We factor our alteration costs on how much time we spend on your gown and what we have to do. Alterations are a very time consuming service and the cost is entirely dependant on how your gown is made. Some gowns have fully boned bodices which usually needs to be removed and added back in for any little change is made, other gowns have lace and beads that need to be removed and re-applied to be altered which is all done by hand and is very time consuming and can take many hours. Your final alterations cost may also change if you have decided to make any additional changes to your gown that had not previously been discussed or if by doing one alterations creates another fit issue such as lifting shoulders to stop them sliding off has now made the armhole too tight and needs to be widened to stop it rubbing. all of these changes will be reflected in your bill but we try our very best to make them as cost effective as possible.


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